The brief.

Fortem Media collaborated with Edwards Building Co for the naming exploration and new brand identity in 2023. Edwards became ‘Firacu’, and are a NSW based bespoke building service pushing for high end residential scope. With 8 team members, they are ‘the people you call if the design is complex and challenging’, attracting ‘high spec jobs’ exclusive to architects.

Naming exploration to develop a new name in line with the client’s expectations. Create brand alongside this to align with contemporary design trends, that could be applied across various mediums, including website and the digital space.

Design Process.

Research and Discovery: We began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of Edward Building Co’s previous brand and identifying areas that needed improvement. We researched competitors and trends in the industry to ensure our design would be both unique and relevant.


Naming Exploration: We internally brainstormed a multitude of name concepts, then providing 5x name options alongside 5x working brand identities. This allowed the client to make a multitude of decisions from an early stage that would then guide concept development.


Concept Development: After the name selection, we created several design concepts that reflected the a modern yet professional look and feel along with client feedback. Each concept explored different colour breakdowns, typography, and graphic elements, allowing the client to visualise various directions for the rebrand.


Client Collaboration: We maintained an open line of communication with Firacu throughout the process, incorporating their feedback to refine and narrow down the design concepts. This collaborative approach ensured that the final result truly captured the essence of the brand’s new life.


Final Design Execution: Once the preferred concept was chosen, we meticulously executed the final design across all touchpoint’s. This included the development of a new logo, refined colour palette, typography, and supporting visual elements. We also provided guidelines for consistent implementation across print and digital platforms.


Website Design and Development: Our team then utilised this brand to design and build an interactive website that encouraged conversion for Firacu and housed all agreed upon brand elements.


The successful renaming and rebranding of Firacu not only refreshed the brand's image but also positioned them as a contemporary and attractive choice, more clearly as exclusive and up market. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating designs that not only meet our clients' objectives but also resonate with their objectives and goals.