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Content creation that puts the agent first

Stand out from the crowd

When it comes to the best way to showcase your personal profile online, you have a couple of options: photography or videography. The most popular choice is to simply use images for your listings. While this is effective, times are changing and your target audiences can mostly be reached on social media/video platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Below you’ll find examples of content that could generate more engaged leads, set a higher standard than your competitors and ultimately improve your conversion rate.

Property Reels

Beneficial for the agent to share a hype version of the property on their own social profiles that covers the more visual real estate than the traditional landscape video orientation.

Bloopers Reel

Useful to showcase a more lighthearted side of yourself as an agent.

Results Videos

Great to showcase what has been achieved over a certain period.

Agent Vlogs

People are visual creatures. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Videos on landing pages, social media, and other websites convert better because instead of just reading about what you stand for, you can show them.

Market Wrap-Up

In order to stand out from the saturated market place and social media landscape, creating engaging video content will allow you to 'stop the scroll' when it comes to your audience.

Social Snaps