Instagram Reels Challenge

While being fortunate enough to still be able to create content for our amazing clients while adhering to current public health orders, going out on a creative mission just isn't on the cards at the moment.


With lockdown adding some extra spice to how we handle our days, we’ve been looking at ways to keep the creative juices flowing while being cooped up. One of the ideas we had is doing a #30DayReelsChallenge.

Over the next month, you’ll see different types of content from both our creatives as well as our digital specialists and the rest of the team. Content that’s meant to inspire, inform, educate, entertain or connect over.


Not only so we can reminisce by repurposing footage, but also to test ourselves to see how well we can connect with our Fortem family. Old and new. It’ll push us to not only be more creative in our output, but we’ll also be able to implement our learnings for our clients. We’ll track & report the growth of our engagement, reach and following on both TikTok as well as Instagram over the next month.

Grow with us

Content marketing is a cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign, but it can be challenging to hold a large-scale content plan in your head.

  1. Plan out the basics in terms of who our audience is, which service is leading the conversation, what is the story pillar and what is the goal of the post.
  2. This way you can create content with clear intentions rather than creating something out of thin air.
  3. Allocate different post types to different days so you can get a healthy mix of different content so you don’t have similar posts being posted right after one another

Our Content Planning document will help you to plan out this challenge from start to finish.

Download our Content Planning document

Remember to have fun. Create content that's true to your brand and audience. It's about fine-tuning your content so it resonates with the audience you will reach and want to reach.