Fortem Media Powered By Pineapple Labs |IB Property - 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW, 2010

Built on industry leading technology. Fortem Media is powered by Pineapple Labs fusion technology

Fusion technology is the photo editing technology that mimics the way the human eye sees a scene. This gives you premium editing and window detailing on every photo.

We were called to shoot for IB Property on an overcast and rainy day.

Using the technology we were able to get results that superseded prior photographers and creators.

Usually when approaching a property the creative team hope for a sunny day and beautiful skies so that production & post production are easier. This helps decrease turnaround time for the creative team and improved accuracy in retouching.

However, with our new Pineapple Labs technology, we have found we prefer rainy days. Giving us the ability to shoot in all weather conditions, even those that would usually be unfavourable. The technology allows us to shoot as if it was a beautiful day or even a fantastic sunset.

These have become our best days. Where others might not be able to do things, we can.

The platform also gives us a completely seamless experience for our clients allowing them to download images in all sizes, all in one link connected to a Google Maps address.